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We believe in offering our customers as many ideas as possible to improve their outdoor living spaces. It's essential for any designer to be observant of influences, trends and developments in technologies to create the best possible solution for customer. We also believe the reason we keep leading our competitors is through welcoming new ideas, products and methods to deliver an outstanding and unique design and construction.

We have 2 sections to our gallery: our Portfolio and our Inspirations. The Portfolio being a showcase of our work with the Inspirations being an online scrapbook of ideas, products and styles. We hope that you find the gallery interesting and a great resource for ideas towards creating your perfect garden or outdoor living space with Meirion Jones Landscapes.

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We are renowned specialists in traditional horticultural gardens but as society has changed we have evolved also. The emergence of contemporary living spaces as a popular landscape fashion is a new area of specialism within Meirion Jones Landscapes.

http://www.meirionjones.net/outline.gifOur links to Australia, a country at the forefront of contemporary/modern design, has enabled us to show our customers new and exciting possibilities for their project. We are continuously being sent new photos from Down Under of their various styles of landscaping and we upload these to our website for our customers to be inspired!



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