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Not only does landscaping improve the aesthetic appeal of your property but landscaping your garden can be a means of creating an additional living space to your home. We believe in connecting the inside with the external environment, maximising the available usable areas, while creating an environment that is both beautiful and emotionally rewarding.


A landscaped area provides a very functional role in that it can increase the usability of your property. A carefully planned and landscaped garden can double or triple the area of living space through the creation of outdoor rooms. By creating different areas for cooking, dining, recreation, and relaxation, you have more living options to offer your family, friends and guests.


Research has shown that a well-designed and constructed landscape can be a powerful method of increasing the value of your home. Statistics found on many websites show that increases of up to 200% can be gained in comparison to other household renovations like a new bathroom or kitchen for example. If you are looking to move house or you are property developer then landscaping can be an excellent financial decision in gaining profit vs cost.


With our outstanding reputation for quality and competitive pricing, Meirion Jones is the only solution for your landscaping needs.


Our website will be updated on a regular basis and we hope that it is not only a showcase of our projects but also a resource for other landscapers and garden enthusiasts.

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